With your 30-Day trial you'll be able to put our email service through its paces... testing every feature without having to move or alter your own domain name. When you sign up, we create a test domain that you can use in place of your own, so you can start using Uptimemail immediately.

It couldn't be simpler:

test Sign up for the email package that's right for you.

test Pay nothing for the first 30 days.

test We create a unique test domain, allowing you to try out every feature
    without altering your own domain.

test With our Email packages you can access your email from anywhere using your free
     copy of Outlook 2013, plus Outlook Web Access and Outlook Mobile Access.

You can choose to use your own domain right away if you wish, or at anytime during or after your 30-Day trial. You don't even need to move it to Uptimemail - simply update your domain's MX records to move your email service only. We’ll provide you the details.


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