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Learn More About ExChange the Uptimemail Way!


What is Uptimemail’s Hosted Exchange Service?

Uptimemail’s Hosted Exchange is an affordable, premium email service that provides you and your staff with the ability to communicate better and work smarter, which can substantially improve the way your business operates.


This is based on Microsoft® Exchange Server technology, which is a sophisticated email messaging solution traditionally used by large companies. For many small and medium businesses, however, running an Exchange Server themselves is generally not an option because it involves specialist skills, time and significant capital expenditure.


With Microsoft Exchange you are able to:

  • Give staff better access to their corporate email when they are away from the office
  • Lower the risk of losing important information contained in emails and attachments
  • Reduce time wasted by sorting through unwanted spam email
  • Increase your company’s productivity:
    •      Share calendars with others in your company.
    •      Share contacts with others in your company.
    •      Share emails with others in your company.
    •      Share tasks with others in your company.
  • Access all your information from your mobile phone.
  • Schedule group meetings and see when your team is free.

I have email from my web hosting ISP – what’s wrong with that?

This means you have POP3 email, this is usually thrown in as a by product of web hosting.

POP utilizes one-way communication to download emails to your work computer, trying to access a POP mailbox whilst away from your office can be a complex task. Your email is only accessible on the same work computer to which it was downloaded and is not available when using WebMail or any other computer, such as your computer at home. If you use the web version of POP3 you only have access to it when you have an internet connection.

So, how is Uptimemail’s Hosted Exchange better for my business

With Uptimemail’s Hosted Exchange, because all your mailbox information (including your Inbox, Sent Items, Calendar and Contacts, etc) is centrally stored on the Exchange servers at our datacenter, it is fully synchronized and available in ‘real-time’ from any internet-enabled device, at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world, even when you’re watching the carnival go by in Rio de Janeiro or on the beach.

With Uptimemail’s Hosted Exchange work is an activity not a location!


The access options available through Uptimemail’s Hosted Exchange provide great flexibility for businesses and eliminate the ‘when’ and ‘where’ limitations that exist with POP3 email.

Staff can work from anywhere without the needs to set up or specially configure software programs. So whether at work, at home, on the road, off-site at a client’s premises, or in an internet café, staff can access their emails, Contacts and Calendar items quickly and easily via a web browser or on their mobile phone.

Depending on which type of Hosted Exchange mailbox you select, you and your staff can have the ability to access and use your mailboxes from these different points, including: office, cybercafé, home, airports, hotspots and cellphone.

Now how secure is my data with all these access options?

Our hosted exchange solution is completely secure. Only authorized users can access the data for your domain. Communication between your device and our severs is totally encrypted using 128 bit SSL certificates - HTTPS ( same level as online banking)
Messages are processed using our server side filtering to remove 99.9% of SPAM and 100% of all viruses. This keeps your inbox clean and saves time.

We also employ a combination of physical, software-based and procedural-based security policies to safeguard our network and your data.  These policies include everything from 24 hour monitoring in our data center, anti-virus and intrusion detection software to documented internal policies and procedures used by our support staff.


The most important business application today is e-mail. Without the connections that e-mail provides, your mobile workforce may find themselves out of touch with customers and the home office. When your mobile workers have e-mail access no matter where they are, they can respond quickly to critical business needs.
They’ll also appreciate access to their calendars and tasks while they’re away. With the Messaging and Security Feature Pack, they are also to able to check their co-workers schedules and send meeting requests.

Where laptops simply allowed workers to move the location from where they would do their work, handheld devices are changing how the work gets done. From how workers communicate and stay current, to the company's ability to push the most up-to-date data into the hands of those in the field who can do the most with it, mobile solutions are offering companies the ability to create a new freedom and flexibility for their corporate operations.

Exchange Features & Benefits

More Than Just Email
Microsoft Exchange allows your employees to easily communicate with each other and your customers, review and coordinate schedules, manage and assign tasks, easily share documents, and much more. Spend less time working and more time growing your business. Get more work done everyday.

Take a quick tour of Outlook 2013

Unified Internet Messaging
More than just email, Exchange Server puts your email messages, calendar, contacts, and task lists all in one secure location. Access all of your critical information securely from Microsoft Outlook, any web browser, your PDA, even your web-enabled cell phone!

Outlook Client Access
Seamless integration with Exchange with configuration and usage support. Collaborative features imbedded in Outlook include multiple user interactivity, file sharing, calendar sharing and scheduling and many other.

Remote access to your Mailbox, Personal and Public folders, address book and contact information using a Web Browser.


Intelligent Calendaring
With collaborative scheduling, users in your organization can view each other's calendars, send meeting requests to schedule appointments, and more! Throw away your appointment book--let your secretary put appointments right on your Exchange calendar that you can access from anywhere! Schedule the utilization of important business resources too, such as conference rooms, multimedia projectors, shared equipment, and more.


Manage calendars and e-mail as a delegate
How can Outlook help a busy manager be more efficient?

The Delegate Access feature in Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 makes it possible for users to send and receive e-mail, and add or reschedule meetings on behalf of another user. So for example, an administrative assistant could set and re-schedule meetings while his or her manager is in a meeting and offline. This allows the team and the admin to continue working without interruption - allowing the manager to be effective even when he or she isn't even there!


Business Contact Management
Quickly and easily manage dozens, hundreds, or thousands of business contacts and customers with Exchange Server. Easily generate address lists, share contact information with others, or group your contacts in a myriad of ways.

Sophisticated Task Management
Task management allows you to create sophisticated task lists including task completion status, due date, and more. Also, you can assign tasks to your employees task lists and track their completion status.


Public Folders - Share Information Securely
Public folders provide a central repository for information sharing within your organization. Use public folders to centralize the storage of documents relating to each of your clients, shared phone/address lists, company-wide memos, and more. You can store any kind of document in public folders from email messages, to Microsoft Word, Acrobat PDF, and many more. Organize your information the way it makes sense to you or create teams for collaboration on projects and set rules so that only team members can gain access to the folder.

Anywhere, Anytime Access
Exchange Server offers many ways for you and your co-workers to stay in contact. Access your entire body of Exchange information from the office or from the laptop at the hotel with Microsoft Outlook, from any web browser with Outlook Web Access, or from the anywhere with your PDA or web-enabled cell phone via Outlook Mobile Access or Active Sync

Virus checking of all email & documents
Automatic and continuous realtime virus checking for all incoming emails so your mailbox is protected all the time.

Outlook Mobile Access (OMA)
Access your inbox, Calendars and more from most WAP enabled cell-phones and PDAs. Support for xHTML (WAP 2.x), cHTML, and HTML browser-based devices and mobile devices that can securely browse Exchange 2013 mailboxes.

Data Backup
Regular backups of your mailboxes and public folder content will be performed by our daily backup schedule.

Compare Outlook 2013 to POP3

Exchange Vs. POP3
POP3 e-mail systems, whether implemented in-house or outsourced to a web-hosting company, can only provide limited solutions for individual users, with no functionality for sharing information. Exchange gives you effective communication and collaboration through a comprehensive, integrated system. By implementing Exchange, you enhance your communication processes with collaborative features and give your business an instant competitive advantage. Need inexpensive, personal email? Use POP3. Need to overcome the challenges of business organization and synchronization? Use Exchange.

How POP Email works

Uptimemail’s Hosted Exchange Email
In addition to centralized email, calendar and contacts, our hosted email provides built in anti-virus and anti-spam capabilities, as well as back-ups of the important data that is stored in your email. Exchange can be accessed from any computer, or a phone with an internet connection, giving our customers greater flexibility to stay in touch with the office even when they are on the road.

Outlook - Icon2

How is Hosted Exchange different to the type of email I am using in my business now?
The most common form of email used by small and medium businesses today - and what you are most likely using in your business - is called POP (or Post Office Protocol) email. POP is the standard email that internet service providers (ISPs) supply to customers as part of their internet connection service and is also the basic form of email typically included in the services offered by web hosting and domain name companies.

How does POP email work?
POP email works by retrieving your email from a mail server and delivering it to an email program running on your computer, such as Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express. Every time you check your email using POP, any new messages that have been sent to you since you last checked your email are downloaded from the server and saved to the hard drive of the computer you are using, without leaving a copy on the server. POP mailboxes typically do not include or have only very basic built-in virus or spam filtering.

How does Hosted Exchange work?
Hosted Exchange, on the other hand, is a premium form of email that utilizes Microsoft Exchange technology and incorporates comprehensive anti-spam and anti-virus functionality, as well as regular off-site backups of data, to provide businesses with a more reliable, secure email solution. When using Hosted Exchange, all your email information is stored on a central Exchange server which is hosted at our data centre. When you check your email, your computer contacts the server via a secure connection to show you not only the new messages in your Inbox, but all of your previously downloaded email, as well as the other business-critical information stored in your Calendar, Contacts, Sent Items, etc


POP Email
• Consumer-grade product
• Important data stored on each local PC, which increases the risk of data loss via PC failure or theft
• Basic or no centrally managed anti-virus or anti-spam filtering
• Email Only
• Limit access while out of the office
• Limited technical support

Hosted Exchange
• Business-grade product
• Important data stored on each local PC AND on Hosted Exchange servers , with regular of-site backup to reduce the risk of data loss
• Comprehensive multi-vendor protection against viruses and spam
• Email, Contacts, Calendar, Public Folders, Archive Folders, Meeting Planner, Task List
• Flexible access to data while out of the office
• Service Level agreement with money back guarantee

E-mail Questions to: customerservice@uptimemail.net