Blackberry Enterprise ServICE

Blackberry Enterprise Service 10 (BES10)

Always-Connected Email Service


BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) is the only solution you need for secure device, application and content management, with integrated security and connectivity, for BlackBerry®, iOS and Android™. Deploy, manage and control both corporate and BYOD device users through a simple unified console.  
Detailed contact information
Tasks lists
Calendar information, reminders and more.

BES10 can Perfectly balance end user and enterprise mobility needs without compromise.

BlackBerry Advantages for Your Business
Grow and differentiate your business
Building customer loyalty and increasing retention in competitive markets is tied to how responsive you are with your customers. BlackBerry allows you to maintain multiple channels of communication with customers, increasing points of contact, immediacy of responses and your ability to keep customers satisfied.
Stay in touch with your business from virtually anywhere
Successful small and medium-sized businesses can’t be cut off from their indispensable team members. With BlackBerry, you are never far from your business and customers, whether you are in a client meeting across town, traveling for business or taking your kids to their soccer game.
Choose an individualized solution that fits your business and your budget
Whether you are planning on having one user or one thousand users, BlackBerry offers small and medium-sized businesses different options for meeting their diverse wireless requirements. BlackBerry easily grows to keep pace with your business, offering upgrade paths that allow you to pay for only the capabilities you need now with the ability to add more when they are needed.
Choose technology and suppliers you trust
Don’t let the fate of your business rest on unproven technology or mega-corporations that don’t know how to deal with small or medium-sized businesses. BlackBerry provides reliable technology with advanced security features and is sold by trusted providers that can give you the local attention you need. Purchase your BlackBerry solution and support through the partner that knows you best, whether it’s your wireless carrier, the retail store around the corner or your preferred solution provider.
Get started with wireless right away
Technology should make the most of your business’s finite resources, not tie them up or drain them. BlackBerry is easy to buy, use and maintain and offers different options that can have you up and running in minutes without requiring IT support.
Consider the Possibilities
Saying “yes” to BlackBerry can unlock the full potential of your business:
✓ Would your business benefit from wireless technology that does not drain its financial or IT resources?
✓ Would increasing communication and collaboration between employees make your business more efficient?
✓ Would you get more accomplished in a day if you could go virtually anywhere without losing touch with the office?
✓ Would you close more business if you could provide your customers with immediate answers to their questions?
✓ Would your employees appreciate tools that make their jobs easier?
To take advantage of this service, you must host your email with us and use our Exchange Server in conjunction with our BES10. Using the BlackBerry handheld, you can get business done anywhere.
Live Email - Send and receive emails in real-time from your BlackBerry
Live Calendar - Your Outlook Calendar and BlackBerry Calendar synchronize in real-time over the wireless network.
Live Contacts - Your Outlook Contacts and BlackBerry contacts synchronize in real-time over the wireless network.
Live Notes - Your Outlook Notes and BlackBerry Notes synchronize in real-time over the wireless network.
Live Tasks - Your Outlook Tasks and BlackBerry Tasks synchronize in real-time over the wireless network.
Browse with Images Browse the web on your BlackBerry with images
No need to use the Desktop Redirector
BES10 can handle sending and receiving your emails 24x7x365
No need to keep your computer on-line all the time to get your emails onto your BlackBerry
And when it comes to a secure mobile email solution, BlackBerry Enterprise Service meets the toughest corporate security guidelines.
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